Have you ever noticed how poorly translated a lot of Technical Documents are?

A company can only survive if they are experts in their field of knowledge. Be it in Engineering, Health & Safety, Construction or in the world of Automation, Web-applications, etc. When a company gets more successful, it will eventually expand abroad. Suddenly all the documentation needs to be translated into a foreign language!

“Ah, but there are free online-resources for that!” you may say. While most of these automated translations may put a smile (or more often: a frown) on the faces of the native speakers, they will always be plain embarassing for your company. In the best case your company will just lose some goodwill. Maybe you’ll lose a couple of potential customers.
But what do you think will happen, when in your operating manual “zoutzuur” is translated as “sulphuric acid”? Do your operators know what is meant by CW/CCW? They might and they might not. Is it worth losing a finger or a hand? Definitely not!

That is why you can depend on Didge-IT for your professional translations: with over 20 years of experience in Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Project Management, Health and Safety and Automation and Programming we have gathered a huge collection of professional wordings and definitions in English, German and Dutch. Because I and the translators I work with are engineers with years of experience in international projects, we can deliver professional translations of your documents:

  • Maintenance and Operation Manuals
  • Process Documentation
  • Environmental Permits, Risk Assessments and related documents
  • Specific drawings and schematics
  • etc


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