FileRenamer is a simple tool to rename files within one directory batchwise. It has an easy-to-understand, intuitive user-interface.

After you have selected the directory from which you want to rename files, you can select the files one-by-one, by extension(s) or just select them all.

As second step you can change the names by either:

    • adding, replacing or removing a part of the name,
    • removing a certain number of characters,
    • adding a counter at the beginning of the name or
    • a combination of these all.

When you choose the option to add a counting number to the name, you will be presented with a sortable list of the files you’ve selected. Here you can sort the files in the right order before the preceding counter is added.

I’m just going to give this simple tool away for free. I would like it very much if you would be so kind to contact me when you download it and tell me something about you, your business or what goal you use the tool for. That might help me to develop further in the right direction.

You can access the setup-file directly from here: ClickOnce-page.
In case your connection / administrator does not allow you to access download links, you may also download the zip-file here: (approx. 0,5 MB).

Please use the Contact Form for additional information and for any technical queries regarding this tool.