For a large international project it is essential to have a complete and up-to-date Document Management System (DMS) »DocGuard«. When hundreds or even thousands of documents are generated, there is no other alternative to a web-based database-supported system.
My DMS consists of a PHP-webapplication with a MySQL-database. By extensive use of AJAX-technology (i.e. jQuery), the use of the application is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. By using multiple user levels, maintenance-tasks of the database can be distributed over the project team without hindering the client and/or the sub-contractors.

Besides an up-to-date overview of the current document versions, the application gives also a full revision history of each document. The document transmittal system keeps track of which documents were sent when to whom. Each document can be sent for separate reasons: e.g. for information, for approval, for construction or as-built. The transmittal is generated automatically and dynamically.

A few specifics of the application:

  • Different user-levels for reading, editing and admin tasks
  • Document overview
  • Revision history
  • Transmittal overview and details
  • Contacts and companies administration
  • Creation of document transmittals
  • Automated import of documents (XML-based)

As a separate option (module) the up- and download of the documents can be implemented in the system. This should only be done when DocGuard is running on your own, company-hosted webserver.

Overview of the current documents
Overview of the current documents
Overview of transmittal editing module
Overview of transmittal editing module

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